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Artist Statement
My thesis is an exploration of the fall and rise of books and magazines from print to digital. I felt that it was necessary, to explore digital publication since it is so relevant in our culture today. With digital publication on the rise and print starting to be slowly out dated. I set out to discover how digital publications could work for an iPad. This was an exciting and yet frustrating process of discovering how print is transcended onto an interactive tablet. Recognizing how digital publication can offer a new media experience is what I set out to understand.

Brandon Smith was born and raised in Southern Maine. He graduated from the Maine College of Art with a BFA in Graphic Design. Brandon is influenced by technology and programs to create work, but is also influenced by handcrafted art. Even though most of his work is in digital publication and web design, he finds drawing to be the precursor to all of his digital work.

Image List
Snow time lapse
Print vs digital
Presidents cold war
Presidents cold war page 1