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Artist Statement
This body of work that I have produced originates from the sentimentality of human memories and the subtle, yet not forgotten language of flowers. The body of work that is displayed is a series of singlet floral bouquets, which are to be depicted as realistic. These individual sculptures are a physical manifestation of meaning and exploration of botany; each individual flower correlates to a specific memory of my own that the flower is paired with.

Caroline was born in New Haven, Connecticut. She began studying fine arts at the college level while still a student at Haddam-Killingworth high school. Shortly after, she enrolled in Maine College of Art in the fall of 2008, intending to major in Photography, but settled on Ceramics. Since majoring in Ceramics, Caroline has worked as a teacher in her field for ages 5-17, at a camp; Camp Nashoba North. She has also been recognized in a Art Space New Haven gallery in a small exhibition showing “sea and insect” studies for jewelry, the “Nothing Major” exhibition in 2009 at Maine College of Art, and will be participating in a thesis exhibition in April of 2013. Currently, Caroline is a floral sculptor in the Ceramics department at Maine College of Art, and will be receiving her Bachelor’s degree in 2013.