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Artist Statement
I am curious about the ephemeral nature of memories and the power they seemingly have over us. In this body of work I use objects that activate familiar feelings such as family heirlooms, personal keepsakes and found objects. I explore the dialogue that exists between the objects ruminant qualities and the evanescent memories that surround them. This dialogue is filled with many questions as I explore the relationship between object and memory. Objects seemingly act as a constant while memories and emotions shift and change over time. What would happen if the objects changed as much as the memories that surrounded them? Would they lose their power or would they still hold our sense of nostalgia? In bringing these questions to a visual and tangible form I hope to better understand these enigmatic relationships.

Clare Finin is an American artist currently living in Portland, Maine. Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Finin traveled the East Coast before settling in Portland to return to school at Maine College of Art. In 2013 she will receive her BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry with a minor in Art History. Finin explores topics of sentimentality, nostalgia, and memory as it relates to objects in her work.

The Alchemy of Memory, 2013
Dimensions vary, mixed media

B.P., 2013
Dimensions vary, mixed media

B.P. Object Memory #1-#3, 2013
Dimensions vary, Family heirlooms, plastic, rubber

R.J., 2013
Dimensions vary, mixed media

R.J. Object Memory, 2013
Silver, steel
2 x ½ x ¼”