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Artist Statement
Everything in our lives is only temporary and these moments, though fleeting, are sacred. I find this reality to be both romantic and tragic. Through my work I have been able to explore these elements of the romantic and tragic duality that exists as a parallel to the duality of life and death. In this body of work I am using moments, moments that I wish to immortalize and hold on to but that will always be a decaying memory.
Through my enameling process, I have found a way to bring a fragile and decaying aesthetic that once applied to perishable forms immortalizes them in a moment of death. I use perishable forms such as flowers and fruits because they symbolize love, life, and the inevitable death of both.

Courtney was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Her interest in jewelry and adornment has been a common theme throughout her life. This passion lead Courtney at age 19 to travel over 1,100 miles to Portland, to study metalsmithing and jewelry. She has dedicated herself to acquiring a thorough technical understanding of enameling, which has allowed her to push the technique in new directions. This process has given her a way to get the instant gratification she craves, while expressing herself through color. She has left an epic legacy of 9:16 dance parties and red glitter within the Metalsmithing & Jewelry department.

Baby Be Mine Still Life, 2013, Copper and Enamel
Till Death Do Us Part Still Life, 2013, Copper and Enamel
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not Still Life, 2013, Copper and Enamel