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Artist Statement
In my practice, the continuation of material studies drives my desire to create a harmonious existence between contrasting themes. Collations between sublime and grotesque, the attainable and the unattainable inspire me to explore these tensions in material. My afflatus comes from internal desires to collect, create and respond to organic forms. The autonomous ability of the organic world to function harmoniously drives me to create a similar functionality in my own pieces. In my collection and study of material I bring to life the natural world corrupted with imagination. The false and natural are brought together harmoniously, establishing an identity within this hybrid of worlds. With this collection I question how much of identity is derived from the natural world and the materialized world. By altering pieces of material, organic and man made, I attempt to find identity, place and belonging. I am presenting evidence of a place that exists within a realm of my own construction, and materials I choose to surround myself with.

Gabrielle Heckman grew up in the rural areas of Connecticut, with constant exposure to the forest and the ocean. The beauty of the natural world was constantly included in her lifeand she found most of her entertainment in the woods. In her late teens Gabrielle discovered her love of expression through the arts and developed her skills in painting and drawing. She continued her studies and discipline of the arts by attending Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine with a focus in printmaking. She still finds inspiration in her relationship with nature and studies the creation of habitat in order to find comfort and belonging. A majority of her work today uses sculpture, print and bookmaking, with these techniques she explores the effect of compartmentalizing the relationship between man and nature.

Anthropology of the Ephemeral 2013, shells, tissuepaper, string, yarn, acorn, tarlitin, leaves, seaweed, glue, plastic. 4”X6”
Mussels Book opened 2012, chipboard, foamcore, paper, book cloth, mussel. 6”X 4”X 2”
Anthropology of the Ephemeral 2013, shells, tissuepaper, string, yarn, acorn, tarlitin, leaves, seaweed, glue, 4’ X3’ X2’
Sewn 2013, chipboard, foamcore, paper, book cloth, pins, found text. 8” X 4”X 1.5”
Seaweed Speciemens Book opened 2013, chipboard, foamcore, paper, book cloth, seaweed. 5”X 18” X 1.5”