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Artist Statement
Imagination and creativity are the catalysts to the happiness I find in my process. My childhood frequently inspires my work. Innocence and the unbounded imagination of a child inform my fantasy work, inviting others to enter my world of mystery. I present the opportunity to escape the troubles of daily life with narrative worlds and magical creatures. I achieve this with the use of Super Sculpey placed in an already existing environment or one that I have created by hand. My work is meant to bridge realism and surrealism, blurring the line between that which is actual and imaginary.

Gaella Materne was born and raised in Londonderry, New Hampshire. From a young age she was constantly creating with common materials found around the house. Her calling in three dimensional work lay dormant until 2011 when she discovered her passion during a trip to France. Inspired by the intricate sculptures at Versailles she began working with Super Sculpey, foam, plaster, and found objects. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Maine College of Art in 2013 with a focus in Illustration.

Sculpey, Acrylic Paint, Feathers, Grass
4 x 3 inches

Black Curiosity
Sculpey, Acrylic Paint, Beads
8 x 4 inches

Sculpey, Acrylic Paint
11 x 4.5 inches

Sculpey, Gouache , beads, static grass
8 x 3 inches