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Artist Statement
I create work in the context of children’s book illustration and applied art.
A love for Winnie the Pooh and Beatrix Potter characters as a child has led to a passion for children’s media and my interest in illustrating stories. I draw inspiration from nature and mid-century modern design. Since hearing a Monkees’ Greatest Hits cassette in 1996, I have been inspired by 1960s colors and aesthetic, and enjoy working with flat color in graphic compositions. Watercolor and gouache are my preferred media while I work with digital color for pattern designing. I love the idea of bringing art into households through these applied
patterns and through illustrated books, but am excited to work with clients on all kinds of projects in the realm of illustration.

Hannah Rosengren is an illustrator working on Casco Bay in Maine. She graduated from Maine College of Art in 2013 with a BFA in Illustration. Her work has been published in Maine Magazine, Words and Images, and They Draw and Cook. Hannah grew up in South Portland, Maine loving the outdoors, listening to The Monkees, and sketching trees. Besides painting in the studio, Hannah enjoys frolicking through the woods, eating pastries, and hanging out with her goofy cat Elmo.

“The Monkees Album Cover,” 2013. Gouache, 12×12.”
“Woodland Pattern,” 2013. Ink and Digital Color, 17×11” swatch.
“Grimm’s Fairy Tale Book Covers” (The Golden Bird, The Blue Light, and The
Queen Bee), 5×7” each, 16×8” collectively.
“My Morning Jacket Show Poster,” 2013. Watercolor, Gouache, and Ink, 11×17.”