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Artist Statement:
My practice as an artist and graphic designer revolves around inspirational content. My work has a direct connection to the way I feel about the world. I believe that life is all about perception and it is in your control to follow a path that makes you happy. Chain link fences around Portland, Maine were chosen for their grid-like structures to create typographic installations as a means of interacting with the community. The words and phrases installed serve as suspended thoughts to make the every day person stop, pause and acknowledge the message. I aim to inspire people and
make the world a little more beautiful.

Hannah Sherwood is a senior graphic design major at Maine College of Art. She recently completed an internship at The VIA Agency. When she is not busy with schoolwork, you can find her reading, playing on a local kickball team or hiking nearby trails and mountains.

Image List:
Create, February 22, 2013, masking tape (Photo by Ellen Sherwood)
Let it Be, March 13, 2013, masking tape and craft paint
Dance it Out, March 24, 2013, masking tape and craft paint (Photo by Ellen Sherwood)
Believe You Can, March 29, 2013, masking tape and craft paint (Photo by Josh Brill)

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