• Jerrica Demers_Exaggeration for the Museum Visitor(detail)_2013_Metalsmithing+Jewelryw
  • Jerrica Demers_Admission Badges for the Commited Visitor_2013_Metalsmithing+Jewelryw
  • Jerrica Demers_Admission Badges for the Passive Visitor_2013_Metalsmithing+Jewelryw
  • Jerrica Demers_Exaggeration For the Museum Visitor_2013_Metalsmithing+Jewelryw
  • JerricaDemersw

Artist Statement
My work is a performative blend of fact and fiction. I am playing with the amount of information given within an exhibition. Presenting only descriptions, I am asking the viewer to complete the experience and imagine the work. Within the exhibition I have created, I am encouraging the audience to consider the hints I am giving them: the admission badge, the audio narration, and the physical display. The structure belongs to a genuine exhibition experience, but one that has lost its objects.

Originally from Dover, New Hampshire, Jerrica Demers is currently a senior at Maine College of Art working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing and Jewelry. Jerrica has donated her blood, sweat and tears to the the MECA community as she balanced her four year work study position at the Institute of Contemporary Art, her position as a Resident Assistant, the student curator of the BFA Thesis Exhibition as well as her early morning gig as a waitress at Portland’s best diner, Marcy’s. Jerrica plans to obtain her master’s degree in museum studies after she continues to work in the field for a few more years.

Exaggeration for the Museum Visitor, 2013, Vinyl, shelves, labels, audio narration
Museum Admission Badges for the Committed Visitor, 2013, Aluminum