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Artist Statement
My father, an artist and art director, raised me to express myself creatively. This early influence has directly lead to my passion for design. He passed away in 2005, yet I continue to feel a closeness with him through my art making. Now that I have “grown up,” I want to deepen this connection by getting to know him as an adult. By reaching out to those who knew him in the past, as well as exploring my perception of his impact on my life, I have created a meaningful collection of items that serve as a tribute. This work intends to serve as a memorial, but rather than referencing tradition or religion, it is formed from the specific perspective of a graphic designer. Curating objects and images that belonged to him help me utilize my design ability to share his life with those who will never get to know him. By integrating pieces that I’ve created–like an ornamental pattern– that I view as expressions of my own imagination, I am visually communicating his influence on the artist and the individual who I have become.

Lucy Henson grew up in Kennebunk Beach, Maine exploring the coastline and making art. She has interned at Portland graphic design agency Pulp + Wire for the past year assisting with various stages of web, print, and packaging production. She has worked at Kennebunkport boutique Daytrip Society since 2008, where she gains inspiration from the work of independent designers, stationers, and printmakers. Lucy’s time as a BFA student at Maine College of Art has been spent refining her abilities as a graphic designer, as well as experimenting with a wide variety of artistic mediums. She loves color and pattern design, and is ready to make the world a more attractive place.


“Pattern Samples”, 2013, dimensions variable.
“Dad’s Things: Journal”, 2013, 8.5 x 11″.