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Artist Statement
Wide ranging reds, a scale of oranges and yellows, a multitude of flesh tones. I blend, layer and stretch a smattering of materials and colors to create pieces that have an eerily flesh and organ like quality. By using colors that call to mind parts of the human, I start to create a conceptual base for my work that everyone can at least aesthetically respond to and recognize.

Madi Gantos was born and raised in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. She attended
a therapeutic boarding school for the last two years of her high school career, which inherently shaped the way she connects to her inner feelings and emotions. She utilizes the tools she learned within that program to tap into the anxieties and fears that taunt her in the back of her mind. Taking the first two years of her BFA college career at Maine College of Art to recognize these overwhelming feelings and turning them into art, she started to focus on what she believes is a unique spin on the worked and reworked idea of taboos. Specifically tapping into her own fears of trauma to organs within the body and their repetitive cycles to persevere through the abuses, Gantos creates large scale installations that resemble organic, bodily forms like fleshy organs. Using a combination of extreme detail to color, material, and texture, each installation is unique unto itself yet all have some type of connection to each other through the repetitive nature of traditional household techniques mainly basket and loom weaving, knitting, and crocheting. Gantos is finishing up her senior year for her BFA in Sculpture. She is looking to obtain a certificate of education in order to teach art abroad before attending an MFA program within the next ten years.

Image List
Viscera Totam, 2013, Smoked Reed, Tracing Paper, Zippers, Tulle, Satin Lining, Thread, Yarn, Fabric Dye, Food Coloring, Ink, Acrylic Medium, Zip Ties