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Artist statement
I am interested in the essence of a form reached through a process of reduction. Void of decoration and embellishment, the surface of my work is expressed like skin over ribs, where rigid meets languid, severe but not sterile. This body of work strives to suspend emerging moments of inflation, tension and impression into objects that forever hold shape. Like the instant before an object rips through taught plastic, water sheds off your hand, or bone protrudes through elastic skin, these objects capture a tactile image of materials moving in opposition. Left-right, in-out, soft-hard, are simple but integral expressions of opposition that become embedded metaphors in my objects. These forms express the space in between.

Miles Spadone grew up in Kennebunk, Maine in an artistically inclined family. His
mother, once a production potter, father a practicing furniture designer and maker, and sister a ceramic Core Fellow at the Penland School of Crafts, Spadone found great
influence and inspiration from both his parents and siblings. In light of his family’s accomplishments, Spadone sought his own artistic path at Gould Academy where he studied ceramics with Woody Hughes. His propensity to work with clay led him to study in Montana, Oregon, and finally Maine.

Image List
Pinch, Line 2013 Ceramic, Lacquer 10’’ x 18’’ x 4’’
In, Out 2013 Ceramic, Lacquer 4’’ x 18’’ x 4’’
Untitled 2013 Ceramic, Lacquer 28’’ x 13’’ x 2.5’’
Untitled 2013 Ceramic, Glaze 8’’ x 4’’ x 3’’