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Artist Statement
This body of work is about my experience as a female. The questions that I am exploring in this work include, “What does it mean to be feminine?” and “Is there such thing as penis envy?” This work is driven by my obsession with “the other,” or in this case, the phallus. I am exploring my belief that desire isn’t binary. It is possible to feel envy, resentment, lust, and aesthetic appreciation simultaneously. This work includes undertones of the contrast between “high” art
and “low” art. I am exploring the notion of “low” art as it relates to the feminine and decorative, and how it exists within the realm of abstract painting. By combining both two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements, I wish to construct a visual environment for the viewer, rather than defining my work in terms of traditional painting or sculpture.

Molly McDermott is a Massachusetts native who is earning her BFA at Maine College of Art in Portland. She is a painting major whose current work can be described as vibrant biomorphic perversions that refuse to be defined by either traditional painting or sculpture. Her work has been included in many student shows at Maine College of Art.

“Babies” Winter 2013, Model Magic, acrylic and plastic rhinestones, dimensions variable.
“Untitled- Pink” Winter 2013, oil, acrylic, plastic rhinestones and paper on panel, 14 x 18 in.
“Untitled 1-3” Fall 2012, oil on panel, 18 x 24 in.
“Untitled 2-3” Fall 2012, oil on panel and foam, dimensions variable.