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Artist Statement
A struggle between altruism and misanthropy manifests in my objects and videos. I’m interested in quantum physics and the theory that all things are made of the same basic particles. This creates a connection between all humans that we cannot detect on the surface of things or within each other. Time and space act as barriers to the realization of this connection. Through my artwork I aim to transcend time and space revealing an interconnection between people. Being conscience of this connection will optimistically create compassion and empathy for the viewer.

Rob Doane graduated in 2004 with a B.S. in Accounting and Finance from the University of Richmond. After working in corporate accounting and receiving a promotion two years early, Rob decided to pursue his true passion, making art. He began study at MECA in August 2010. As a sculpture major, Rob’s early work was aimed at activating architectural space, which led to an exploration of the perception of space, time, and identity in later work. Through video and the commonplace object, Rob’s work explores our connection to the natural landscape and confronts our relation to the virtual world.

Missive, Digital Video, Black & White, Sound, 2 Minutes, 2012
Power in the Hands of the Powerful, Digital Video, Color, Sound, 3 Minutes, 2013
Tacos Locos, Digital Video, Color, Sound, 2 Minutes, 2012

Rob's Vimeo Site