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Artist Statement
I find strength and purpose when I work with fire. Using this elemental energy, I breathe new life into forgotten metal. I’m drawn to the colors and textures of rust that double as a tangible record of an object’s previous life … how rust speaks to what has happened during an object’s oxidation through its exposure to the elements.
I find the natural world to be an intricate and intensely beautiful system, of which we are all a small part. Experiencing this system sharpens my appreciation and understanding of the never-ending cycle of life and death. Studying this system teaches me not only how nature interacts with itself but how we interact with it and each other. I look to capture flashes of this complex and intense beauty that tend to pass us by. I respect and revere the wisdom to be found in forgotten objects. Through the use of found materials and rusted metals I seek to meld a memory of the past with a moment of the present; to forge another layer of identity and existence in the life of an impermanent material.

Sara Moser is an Ohioan native and home is a sixth generation family farmstead. After Ohio, Moser had the honor of studying art from the west coast to the east coast, from Seattle to Portland, Maine. She is inspired by the elemental force of fire and uses it to breathe new life into forgotten, rusted metal. The cyclical nature of life and death, the inevitability of change, and material impermanence are current themes in her work. Moser is attending Maine College of Art and is a senior with the intention of graduating with a BFA in Sculpture.

Phoenix, Found/Rusted Steel, 7’3”W x 5’6”L x 4’T