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Artist Statement
I aim to question the solidity of objects and architectural spaces that surround us in our everyday lives; how do we value our built environment in terms of space, form and architecture? Within my sculpture and drawing practice I explore notions of structure, matter, and permanence. By transforming materials and using illusion as a visual syntax I exploit the contradictions involving temporality. Through the stages of making, from envisioned idea, to preliminary drawings, then to construction of forms, I continue to investigate and question permanent and impermanent relationships. My carefully crafted installations made with unexpected and transformed materials, such as cardboard, evoke curiosity and surprised realization within the viewer.

Stephen Fisk, born in Providence, Rhode Island now lives and works in Portland, Maine. Within his studio practice, Fisk blends the expanding fields of sculpture, architecture, and design to create installations, objects, and drawings. He is inspired by the physical world, specifically with domestic building and carpentry. Contradictions surrounding temporality and permanence as well as object versus function are questions investigated throughout Fisk’s work by using unexpected materials. Stephen Fisk has received an Artist-to-Artist award through Maine College of Art (MECA), an International Sculpture Center Outstanding Student Achievement Award nomination through the Sculpture Department at MECA, and has exhibited in several group exhibitions in Portland, Maine.

Storm, April 2013, mixed media (found windows, handmade bar clamps- wood and steel), 20 x 8 x 4 ft.