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Artist Statement

It begins, as always with Anja, my mother’s mother, my mummu. My Scandinavian heritage has always been at my core. I spent my summers and weekends at my mummu’s house surrounded by bits of Finland, her home country.

This series of coats is the continuance of an exploration of the nostalgic interior space of my mummu’s home as well as the cultural experience of being a second generation Finnish-American. As I wrap myself in these coats, I am embracing and absorbing my Scandinavian heritage. This work winnows my experience as a Finn, and justifies it as my own. Through the strength of my mother and Mummu I have learned the importance of the uniquely Finnish quality of “sisu”, which means determination and resilience, and strive to portray that in my demeanor as well as my work.


Hailing from the rural woods of Eastern Connecticut, Anneli Rose Allard spent her childhood in her Finnish grandmother’s sewing room and on the farm.

In 2010 she moved to Portland, Maine to begin her studies at Maine College of Art. For the past four years Rose has worked as a seamstress, upholstery assistant, and taught sewing and machine knitting courses. Her own work consists of machine knit and sewn garments and accessories. Rose plans to continue working with local businesses as a seamstress while creating her own textiles and garments. After graduation she is relocating to Detroit, Michigan where she will establish a textile studio.

Image List
1. House Coat 2014, Knit and felted wool yarn
2. Cellar Coat 2014, Dyed linen, hasp, knit and felted wool yarn
3. Sauna Coat 2014, Knit and felted wool yarn interior, found Bates Mill bedspread exterior
4. Studio wall 2014, Fabric samples, sketches, inspiration photos
5. Sketch book page 2014, Pencil, watercolor
6. Studio Portrait