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Artist Statement

I have created a world and sent unwitting explorers into it. They traverse many lands, experience many climes, and finally they discover it; a mountain sized creature that resembles a human baby, nestled into a vast landscape, awash in the glow of its own power. This baby-deity’s power is too much for the explorers to keep to themselves, and they bring evidence and images of it back to their people. As the narrative progresses the deity gains more and more power, representing in its sleepy gestures and bright eyes the qualities of the cute-object that have allowed it to become an indicative result of the rise of consumerism and a ubiquitous facet of our visual language and history. I grew up in an era completely saturated by the cute-object, with multi-media productions in the 1980’s and 90’s bringing the cute-object into my life through television, movies, toys and games and it became my goal as an artist to illustrate works that utilize cuteness to represent a wide range of themes and topics, simultaneously connecting to a vast and varied audience.


CeCe Cassidy is a senior Illustration student at Maine College of Art. She was born and raised in Western Massachusetts. Her illustrations are dainty, sweet, charming and eye catching but upon closer inspection sometimes a little silly. The illustrations seek to find the true meaning of the cute aesthetic for an audience of adults who grew up in a world thoroughly imbued with sugary saccharine imagery. In her final semester, CeCe is creating a series of illustrations narrating the journey of two explorers through world full of seemingly cute creatures; but not all as dainty and inviting as it may seem.

Image List

1. Stay Cute, 2014, Digital illustration, 24×36 inches
2. Blueberry, 2014, Watercolor on paper, 3×3 inches
3. Daintius Fungi I, 2014, Acrylic on sculpey, about 1x1x1.5 inches
4. Expedition, 2014, Digital illustration, 10 x 10 inches
5. Daintius Fungi II, 2014, Acrylic on Sculpey, about 1x1x1.5 inches
6. Studio Portrait

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