• Xchris-vales

Artist Statement

My current work combines new media and illustration into one entity: a video game. The characters, backgrounds, and each frame of animation were all drawn traditionally using pen and ink. Through the medium of a video game, my illustrations evolve into something that the viewer can directly interact with. These moving illustrations also serve as a call to action to break away from the creative rut which the gaming industry is stuck in, where many games on the market end up looking similar to one another: using themes and aesthetics that are proven to sell. With my hand-rendered game, I want others to be influenced into doing much more daring and creative things with their game’s aesthetic.


Chris Vales is an illustrator who works through traditional and digital mediums. His knowledge of animation and game design is used to bring his drawings to life by animating them or making them directly interactive. This allows him to create narratives that are visually exciting and entertaining for the viewer. Vales has maintained a love of video games and comics throughout his life. Both have been major influences in his artistic work.

Image List

1. Project Element, 2014, Pen and Ink/Digital Coloring/Stencyl Game Engine, 15×8.5
2. Forest Background, 2014, Pen and Ink/Digital Coloring, 17×11
3. Lake Background, 2014, Pen and Ink/Digital Coloring, 17×11
4. Character Design: Rocket, 2014, Digital Painting, 8.5×11
5. Character Design: Monkey Enemy, 2014, Digital Painting, 8.5×11
6. Studio Portrait

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