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Artist Statement

The Hidden Jungle: The unknown is a great theme of the human condition. Throughout history people have been afraid of, yet intrigued by, that which they do not know or cannot explain, this forming the foundation of both religion and science. The dawn of the age of scientific discovery during the Renaissance coincided with huge leaps forward in transportation technology and in a few hundred years, empires expanded to all corners of the globe, laying the foundations of today’s globally interconnected societies. These grand acts of exploration usually carried with them questionable motives and darker consequences than the mere pursuit of intellectual curiosity we often like to associate with them. In this first issue of a longer narrative, I use the lens of science fiction to examine the nature of human exploration; people venturing into the unknown to learn, to escape, to discover, to change, to see what they can gain. Each has a different motive, and the untouched continent of Kaledoska will hold something different for each of them. I look forward to finding out what it in turn holds for me, in the telling of the tale –my first larger-scale exploration into the graphic medium of comics.


Miles Cook is a comic book artist and illustrator from Cape Cod, MA. The sinister offspring of a graphic artist employed at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, he grew up with themes of scientific study and discovery as a regular background to time spent drawing, obsessing over dinosaurs and monster movies, and drifting in and out of fantasy worlds of books and worlds of his own invention. He also thinks that airplanes are pretty cool, and might have tried to become a pilot in another life where he wasn’t so afraid of crashing into a mountain and exploding horribly. Instead, he sits at a desk and draws stories all day.

Image List

1. The Hidden Jungle: Cover, 2014, ink on bristol, 10×16 inches
2. The Hidden Jungle: Page 1, 2014, ink on bristol, 10×16 inches
3. The Hidden Jungle: Page 6, 2014, ink on bristol, 10×16 inches
4. The Hidden Jungle: Page 13, 2014, pencil on Bristol, 10×16 inches
5. The Hidden Jungle: Page 14, 2014, pencil on Bristol, 10×16 inches
6. Studio Portrait

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