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Artist Statement

I create work that is flexible and diverse enough to fit into multiple applications, from stationery and jewelry to party supplies and board games. I am incredibly inspired by the paper goods, fabric patterns, and toy designs I see on a daily basis, and place great importance on creating work that easily translates into tangible objects that can be held, used, or worn. Through the use of fun colors, cute, quirky characters, and a variety of media, I maintain a cohesive and recognizable style throughout my work.


Molly Steinmetz is an illustrator living and working in Portland, ME. A Pennsylvania native with a penchant for all things cute, she discovered her passion for illustration by making birthday cards for friends and family as a kid. She is inspired by well-designed packaging and quirky fabric designs and hopes to pursue a career in licensing and product design. Upon receiving her BFA in Illustration from Maine College of Art in May 2014, Molly plans to establish her career as a freelance illustrator while further developing her online shop, Pinfolk, where she sells handmade pins and cards.

Image List

1. Large and Small Gift Bag, 2014, digital prints and tissue paper, 7”x9.5”, 4”x6”
2. Invitation, 2014, digital print, 4.25”x5.5”
3. Table Setting, 2014, plasticware, paper cup and digital prints
4. Party Favors, 2014, digital prints and various favor items, 3.5”x2.75”x3.25”
5. Zoe and Her Party Blower, digital photograph, 2014
6. Studio Portriat

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