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<strong>Artist Statement</strong>
I am an artist passionately and creatively bound to my perceived abnormalities. My thesis work represents a series of literary illustrations in ink on cream paper and framed; I illustrated Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell and The Mask of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe. I believe narratives shape our identity; these works have been essential to changes in my own perception and experience of the world, my life, my creative process, and inspired shifts in my illustration and drawing. I am an illustrator and writer. I use my work to share my voice with others, and express myself through line, form, and a stitching of fabric and words.

I am an author and illustrator, ready to conquer the world and infect others with my obnoxious and estranged Gothic vision of transformation. All through my life, I have been trapped within a cage called a learning disability. People used this to call me mentally retarded, stupid, not creative, and an odd duck. With my new confidence, artistic abilities, and passion, I plan on staining the world with new ideas, new perceptions, and new questions.

<strong>Image List</strong>
1. Alice teapot thesis
2. Fumed Alice
3. Crackin A Smile for Most Dangerous Game Thesis
4. Highseas Of Death for Most Dangerous Game Thesis
5. Omen for The Mask of The Red Death Thesis
6. Studio Portrait

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