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Artist Statement
I have a fascination with characteristics such as manipulation, control and apathy that stem from two prominent childhood relationships. With these attributes in mind, I construct photographs of people, landscapes and observations to analyze the connections I have with each. These specific, heightened features in characters and environments aid my understanding of how I fit into my surroundings. By orchestrating a fabricated experience, the subjects become vulnerable, thus allowing an authentic connection with the individual to occur. The landscapes and observations act as an environment inhabited by these characters.

Alik Versocki, born in April of 1993, was raised in Niskayuna, New York, and lives in Portland, Maine. He is graduated with a BFA in Photography from Maine College of Art. With his work, Alik explores the connections he makes with the people, landscape and observations that relate to two prominent relationships from his childhood. Outside of the photographic medium, he has interest in performance art and cinematic adventures.

Image List
1. Pond, 2015, Silver Gelatin Print, 11 x 14
2. Twins, 2014, Silver Gelatin Print, 11 x 14
3. Bears, Sticks and Man, 2014, Inkjet Print, 11 x 14
4. Cracked Window, 2015, Silver Gelatin Print, 11 x 14
5. Paul, The Day After, 2014, Silver Gelatin Print, 11 x 14
6. Studio Portrait