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Artist Statement
Across the United States, many of us are not taught the values and importance of sexuality education. Due to the naiveté and blatant aversion of such controversial topics, the truths of sexuality education within the homes and school systems is harder to accept and learn within the early developmental years of a child’s adolescence. In this body of work, I have created screen-­printed handmade objects to exploit the sensual possibilities and realities of basic human nature. My intention is to educate the masses in gender and sexuality, and answer the question of where babies come from. Not only am I commercializing my handmade goods to make the topics of sexuality education more accessible, but I am also using visual puns and humor to make the topics appear more approachable and fun. It is my hope that the use of humor will reach the cold hearts of those who completely disregard a political issue that has been constantly hidden between the sheets. It is time for us as a human race to accept and share the realities of sex, and I hope to spread it through my handmade posters, zines, and shirts.

When I was young, my parents told me that I was hatched from an egg in an alien field in the large melting­-pot city of Lowell, Massachusetts. Later in my adult life, my college education has informed me that babies do not come from eggs, but rather from humans. I later received my Bachelors in Fine Arts in Illustration from Maine College of Art, so that I could spread this knowledge through narrative. In my last year at Maine College of Art, I was also able to intern for Kris Johnsen, a graphic designer and screen printer in Portland, Maine. Through his guidance, I was able to further expand my love and knowledge of screen printing. The tactile qualities of printmaking allows me to explore the sexy side of my imagery and make it more accessible to my audiences.

Image List
1. Family Sex Crests, 2015, water based acrylic ink silk screen on 100% cotton shirts and onesies.
2. The Origin of Love, part I, 2015, water based acrylic silk screen on French paper, 18 in. x 24 in.
3. The Origin of Love, part II, 2015, water based acrylic silk screen on French paper, 18 in. x 24 in.
4. How Babies Are Made: Misconceptions, 2015, water based acrylic ink silk screen on kraft paper, each zine 4 ¼ in. x 5 ½ in.
5. Misconceptions: Drunk Baby detail, 2015, water based acrylic ink silk screen on kraft paper, 4 ¼ in. x 8 ½ in. full spread
6. Studio Portrait

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