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Artist Statement
My paintings produce a period of time for the spectator to exist within. They are physical objects that provoke the questioning of identity, and consequently activate a transcendent experience of inward reflection. A painting is a manifestation of an encounter with the deepest recesses of human experience. I feel driven to create work that stimulates a questioning of cultural values and an individual’s worth in a society that has distorted contemporary perceptions of beauty, happiness, and fulfillment. My decisions are guided by allowing randomness and fluctuation to be a dominant presence in my process, imbuing the piece with sincere experience. This has the inherent capacity to awaken the spectator to a realization of the limits of human perception and maximize the value of the present moment.

Ann Ware was born in Vineland, New Jersey, and currently lives in Portland, Maine, where she received her BFA in painting from the Maine College of Art in 2015. Through the use of pure abstraction, her paintings provoke the questioning of identity, perception, and placement. Ann is currently backpacking through Western Europe and plans to return to Maine to continue practicing as a studio artist.

Image List
1. endolith, 2015, oil and human hair on pine, 4inx4in
2. dark matter, 2015, oil on pine, 25inx36in
3. extraction, 2015, oil and human hair on pine, 12inx12in
4. electromagnetic transmissions, 2015, oil on pine, 3inx5in
5. time, on pine, 4inx4in
6. Studio Portrait

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