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Artist Statement
Before senior thesis, I had always struggled to bring my interest in both graphic design and illustration together into a cohesive body of work. That was until I found the perfect way to bridge the gap between the two fields: hand lettering. Amiable Vulgarity focuses on creating a body of work entirely by hand, experimenting with new methods and, of course, my dark sense of humor. Each piece is visually pleasant, whether it be soft colored pencil or needle-­felted flowers, but the quotes themselves revolve around ideas of pain or death from popular culture or historical writing.

Brittany Jasmin has a degree in Graphic Design from Maine College of Art. While her major is graphic design, she also has a large interest in illustration and incorporates the two together whenever possible. During her time at MECA, Brittany has gained much experience in working collaboratively, whether it be with other designers, student editors, or high school students. Brittany thoroughly enjoys meticulous, detail-­oriented work, and can be seen hunched over her desk for hours on end. In her free time, Brittany can be found fishing, reading, and spending time with family and friends.