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Artist Statement
Clay has the ability to turn my drawings into three­-dimensional functional objects. My drawings tend to be a juxtaposition of two conflicting ideas, the idea of the machine-made world vs. the natural world. I enjoy making my pieces function and am always looking for new ways to challenge myself with form. Currently my work is taking the form of scientific tools that function as smokeable pipes. I want my ceramic pieces to seem like they are actual tools that you would be able to use. I create small details like cracks and drips to give these sculptures life and movement in their joints. The challenge of keeping the sculpture interesting but also having the piece function as a useable piece is what intrigues me and pushes me to create more work.

Christian Findlay is a ceramic artist from Portland, Maine. Growing up in Maine, Christian tries to spend most of his time outdoors enjoying the fresh air. Fishing, skiing, and enjoying the outdoors is what he remembers best about growing up. He received his BFA in Ceramics from Maine College of Art. He has taken throwing and hand-building classes as well as mold making and slip casting, and enjoys tying these techniques together in different ways.

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