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Artist Statement
Growing up has been a time of conflict. The transition into “adulthood” is difficult to digest. I have sought answers by looking to the ones who have endured this shift before me. By doing so I have witnessed overwhelming displeasure, doubt, and a desire for the youth that collapsed and died in what seems like a century ago. This painted a negative picture of the future that awaits me. With the people I document, I am noticing that they too are acknowledging this feeling of discomfort that awaits them. I then watch as they struggle to accept it like I have. We are now left with the feeling of the full force of maturity as it slowly covers the face of youth with a pillow.

I am documenting the feeling of that collapse of youth by photographing young people that are close to me and going through that very time in their lives. This investigation stems from my own upbringing and having to watch as my parents battled with the struggles of their day-to-day lives. By photographing this period, I am giving a face to the very thing I fear in order to understand it and accept it.

Darren Bilodeau is a photographer based out of southern New Hampshire. He is a senior at Maine College of Art, majoring in Photography. His main interests are photographing worlds he is very much a part of. This is his way of dissecting the pieces of his life in order to make sense of them and to, in many cases, move on from them.

Image List
1. Bobby’s Scar, 2015, Silver Gelatin Print ,11×14
2. Bobby’s Hands, 2015, Silver Gelatin Print, 14×11
3. Peeling Photograph, 2015, Silver Gelatin Print, 14×11
4. Jasper’s Apartment, 2015, Silver Gelatin Print, 11×14
5. Bobby, Work, 5 a.m., 2015, Silver Gelatin Print, 14×11
6. Studio Portrait

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