• Armstrong_Emily_1_Cascading-Vines-and-Petals-Individual-Place-Setting
  • Armstrong_Emily_2_Bursting-Swirled-Mug
  • Armstrong_Emily_3_Bursting-Swirled-Mug-Detail
  • Armstrong_Emily_4_Blossoming-Lotus-Dinner-Plate
  • Armstrong_Emily_5_Wrought-Iron-Fence-Coffee-Mug
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Artist Statement
I believe that functional items are not only beautiful objects, but they also have the ability to create memories for those who bring them into their homes. With a focus on functional pottery, I explore traditional forms by throwing on the wheel and using different surfacing techniques. With the incorporation of both pattern and color through underglaze painting and sgraffito, I am able to enhance the user’s everyday experience when engaging with the work. The use of color and pattern invites the user to both use and explore my work, and the romanticism of atmospheric soda firing creates an aura of warmth and comfort. It then becomes a place for chance and unpredictability, because soda firing leaves more room for variability. This pushes the viewer to experience a romantic beauty that evokes a need to use and own. The inspiration for my surfaces stems from Persian designs, wrought iron work, and traditional North Carolina pottery. My work is made for those to invite it into their lives and enjoy the personal moments and experiences that come with it. These intimate objects intertwine themselves into the lives of everyday people by incorporating memory, emotion, functionality, and beauty.

Emily Armstrong grew up in Long Island, New York. Ever since a young age, Emily was interested in art. Not a moment went by when you wouldn’t catch her drawing or painting. She attended Mount Sinai High School and was in Advanced Placement Art. Her concentration was focused on drawing. Since attending Maine College of Art, Emily’s love for ceramics and drawing grew stronger. She combined her passion for drawing, inspired by wrought iron fences and floral patterns, and explored forms of traditional pottery.After graduating, Emily plans to work in an apprenticeship to further her knowledge of traditional pottery.

Image List
1. Cascading Vines and Petals, White Stoneware, black underglaze, glaze, soda fired, Variable Dimensions, 2015
2. Bursting Swirled Mug, Grolleg Porcelain, black underglaze,soda fired, 3 3⁄4 x3 1⁄4 inches, 2015
3. Bursting Swirled Mug (Detail)
4. Blossoming Lotus Dinner Plate, White Stoneware, black underglaze, celedon glaze, soda fired, 9 1⁄2 inch diameter, 2015
5. Wrought Iron Fence Coffee Mug, White Stoneware, black underglaze, soda fired, 3 3⁄4 x 3 1⁄2 inches, 2015
6. Studio Portrait