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Artist Statement
My current studio practice is focused on the creation of immersive environments of intimacy and alienation. I use the absurd and poetic sensations of shopping centers to magnify inexplicable and perplexing visual phenomena, which can personify our experience within these environments. Through observational study and experiential knowledge of these places, I make visual my own fiction, ultimately speaking to the disorientation of a prescribed and uniformed experience.

My work becomes a stage for sensation and perception that layers narrative, representation, and abstract gesture. By way of portraiture, movement, and scale shift, as well as optical experiences of saturated color and absurd material relationships, my environments embody layered contradiction. They manifest acts of remembering, redefining, mimicking, representing, transforming, becoming, slipping, and ending ­­ the untraceable pattern of reflected light on a body of water, or the process of cupping liquid in your hands.

Hannah Parrett is a South Dakota native who grew up in the Black Hills region. She moved to Portland, Maine, in 2011 and received her BFA in painting from the Maine College of Art in the spring of 2015. While at MECA, Hannah received the Presidential Scholarship and was nominated for the Yale University Summer School of Music and Art in the spring of 2014. Her work has been included in various group exhibitions at MECA, including Mundanity and Mysticism: Drawing out the Self.

Image List
1. The Marden’s Air Duct Wave Machine, Inflatable pool, water, acrylic on pine, acrylic on poster board, plastic siding, fluorescent lights, tape, extension cords, plastic drop cloth, spill guard sponge, false wood flooring, sculpey, slip resistant pad, wrapping paper, 14’x7’
2. Mood Enhancing Sunset Blocks, Inflatable pool, water, acrylic on pine, scupley, paper, box fan, 5’x5’
3. Ken, Acrylic on paper, plastic siding, metallic tape, slip resistant pad, wrapping paper, fluorescent lights, Dimensions vary
4. Mood Enhancing video: Sunrise and Sunset, Television set, carpet squares, extension cord, acrylic paint on poster board, 23”x19”
5. The Reckoning, iphone photograph
6. Studio Portrait

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