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Artist Statement
My painting practice consists of an experimental and contemporary way of producing art. My earlier works were driven by environmental concerns such as Colony Collapse Disorder in honeybees. In that series I took different approaches by investigating processes such as pattern repetition and gesso transfers. I then shifted from looking at environmental concerns to a deeper question of how humans study nature. The mid-­Renaissance concept of the “cabinet of curiosity” rose to my attention; its premise was to build a collection of both local and exotic specimens in order to further study nature within the confines of the home. I thought it was strange that scientists loved nature so much that they would kill it, preserve it, and mount it as a trophy of achievement. The works I developed with these concepts mostly focused on ideas of framing and collecting. Most recently I have honed in on finding current houses that demonstrate similar practices of hunting and collecting specimens so that I can study actual objects in current collections. I intend to have my own collection of painted and sculpted objects that reflects the houses of people who deeply study the natural world.

Hannah Twombly is a Maine-­based artist whose current work uses paint as a medium of exploration into the contemporary practice of fine art. After graduating with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Maine College of Art, she is enrolling in the Master of Arts in Teaching program at MECA. Since 2012, she has shown in seven shows including MECA’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition and the Merit Competition.

Image List
1. Witch Lessons, 2015, Charcoal on Paper, 8”x10”
2. Untitled, 2015, Acrylic on Paper, 4”x6”
3. Untitled, 2015, Thread and Acrylic on Felt, 12”x20”
4. Bat at Night, 2015, Ink Transfer and Oil on Wood, 12”x4”
5. Broom Stick, 2015, Natural Materials, Wire, Tape, 1”x3”
6. Studio Portrait

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