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Artist Statement
The room is dark, and a quiet rain can be heard gently hitting the window panes. It is four in the morning, and the illusion of solitude has set in. Off in the distance, flashing blue police lights flash their incessant pattern across town, to reflect through the sliding glass door. The silhouetted vines and plants outside are stamped across the wall, in an undulating electric blue that is just as alive as the subtle movement of the foliage beyond the glass.

These abstract works are an exploration of the tactile awareness of smallness, and exist as documents to fragments of memory and personal history. The visceral and tangible are becoming lost in a sea of digital images in the twenty‐first century, and true tactile experience becomes lost in the ether. Post‐technology, we exist in a world where everything is a reproduction and the machine is what manufactures our perception of the world, further removing us from the allure of the object.

I am exploiting mass‐production and technology, not simply utilizing it. By taking on the detritus of the modern world we live in, an endless sea of images and ideas, and converting it into an abstract language, I hope to elevate these objects to a place of contemplation and self‐awareness; a microcosmic world of sensation.

Hayley Cummings grew up in Pelham, New Hampshire. She began painting in oils while earning her BFA, trying to understand abstraction in order to create new imaginary places and experiences. She got through college by waiting tables, and has an unhealthy attachment to intensity, and her dramatic flair is part of her daily life, even at her expense. She enjoys taking part in musical events and aggressively throwing her body around to angry music, usually with blatant disregard to others smaller than her. Her other pastimes include cracking jokes and being the wild card in the room. She also spends a big chunk of her time holding herself back from the brink of existential crises.

Image List
1. Hormonal Contaminate, 2015, oil paint on canvas, 2’ x 2’
2. Those in Glass Houses are Exhibitionists, 2014, oil paint on canvas, 2’ x 2’
3. Aneurism/Algorithm, 2015, oil paint on canvas, 2’ x 2’
4. Alchemy Spasm, 2015, oil paint on canvas, 2’ x 2’
5. Get It Together (Forget it Forever), 2014, oil paint on canvas, 10” x 10”
6. Studio Portrait