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  • Murphy_Liam_2(1-7)-Swingers
  • Murphy_Liam_3(1-7)-Snowpacalypse
  • Murphy_Liam_4(1-7)-Bench-Warmers
  • Murphy_Liam_5(1-7)-Elevator-Music
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Artist Statement
My most recent focus in illustration is editorial work. As a recent graduate, I hope to bring my perception of the world to the table through watercolor, pen and ink, and digital media. Offering viewers a chance to delve into a make ­believe world and bond with every element of my illustrations is what I strive to deliver. Even if only for a brief second, that moment in time can be something wonderful if the viewer is open to it.

Every piece I create stems from an ongoing love for narrative and the creation of character, pulling inspiration from the possibilities of everyday life. This kind of day­-to-day depiction, and using the world as a source of inspiration is perpetual. I think my work has the ability to appeal to a broad range of viewers, and in today’s fast-­paced society I hope to provide a moment in time in which the viewers can introduce themselves to an imaginative world and reap joy and laughter through wit and humor.

Born and raised in Manchester, New Hampshire, I developed a lust for art at a young age. It wasn’t until my last year in high school that lust turned into a passion, and what will soon be the beginning of my career. I’m a relaxed, easygoing person who enjoys making humor an important part of every day, as well as including it in my work. Beyond that, I love animals, music, traveling, nature, and food! I’m always welcome to new experiences and try to make the best of whatever situation I find myself in, decent or not.

Image List
1. Busking in the Sun, 2015, Watercolor and Ink, 7 3⁄4” x 10 3⁄4”
2. Swingers, 2015, Watercolor and Ink, 7 3⁄4” x 10 3⁄4”
3. Snowpacalypse, 2015, Watercolor and Ink, 7 3⁄4” x 10 3⁄4”
4. Bench Warmers, 2015, Watercolor and Ink, 7 3⁄4” x 10 3⁄4”
5. Elevator Music, 2015, Watercolor and Ink, 7 3⁄4” x 10 3⁄4”
6. Studio Portrait

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