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Artist Statement
My work stems from a combination of psychological phenomenon and the interaction between the work and the audience. My goal is to create a discomfort in my viewer through combining unlike forces known as cognitive dissonance. Using an in-depth knowledge of the psychological forces of this theory, and an understanding of manipulating the five senses, my work will cause the viewer to feel discomfort in a comfortable environment. We, as humans, seek cognitive consistency – a certain balance between the mind and physical interactions with the world. We crave the notion that what we are thinking and feeling work together as one. I want my viewer to know that they are safe in a large space, and yet due to their experiences within the environment that I have shaped, they are experiencing discomfort and/or claustrophobia. Over the past few years, I have been exploring the idea through systematic desensitization. I am slowly introducing claustrophobic moments into my installations to try and induce a claustrophobic experience. It is giving my viewer a chance to get in my head and understand what I am going through, while helping my own psyche to learn to withstand my phobia.

Lindsay was born and raised in Smithfield, Rhode Island. She recently graduated from Maine College of Art with a BFA in Sculpture. She plans to continue on into a Master’s degree program in social work and a career in art therapy. Her work explores the subconscious mind and its relationship to the conscious mind. The work explores the development of ideas and thoughts, emotions, and that which you cannot see, and brings them forward into a more conscious state.