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Artist Statement
I have always been an observational person. I enjoy talking long walks and studying everything I see, finding beauty in everything, from the architecture of a cathedral to the leaves on a tree. Recently I was introduced to visual journalism. It is similar to a diary except it is all drawn, not written. I carry around a sketchbook with me wherever I go, and when I find a subject I am interested in, I begin to investigate it, and record my findings in my sketchbook. Not only has this method helped me delve further into the life that I live, it has made me realize how truly lucky I am to be where I am and to have what I have. Using pencil, pen, and watercolor, I have started out on a journey to record my life and travels, and the beauty that I will experience.

Molly Blyth­Olson was born in Kendallville, Indiana, in 1991. She received her BFA from Maine College of Art in May 2015. She primarily works in pen and ink and watercolor, and specializes in pieces that include animals and architecture. Her main influences outside of the art world include her music and her horses. She has exhibited in the 2015 Maine College of Art Thesis Exhibition, which was the cornerstone for MECA’s MECAmorphosis event, as well as Maine College of Art’s annual Holiday Sale in 2013.

Image List
1. Willow, 2015, pencil, 4×6
2. House, 2015, ink and watercolor, 5×4
3. Wonderworks, 2015, ink, 6×4
4. Hooves, 2015, pencil and watercolor, 4×5.5
5. Hawk, 2015, pencil and watercolor, 4×5
6. Studio Portrait