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Artist Statement
I have always used humor to deal with misfortune and hardship in my life, and my thesis work reflects this. A close friend recently screwed me over and rather than letting the loss of a friend get me down, I chose to make light of it with humor. I took Aesop’s fables that relate to my view of friendship and bastardized the morals into modern comical phrases. I paired these phrases in with classic illustrations done with a children’s book aesthetic, so as to not spread negativity around. My aim is to actually spread joy and entertain with my illustrations. I invite the viewer to enter the installation for a photo op, taking the role of the shepherd boy and branded a liar for all the Internet to see.

I’m Paul Gray. I grew up in Waterboro, Maine, and from an early age had a love of drawing. I entertained myself for hours doodling and eventually decided to actually pursue my passion as a career. I made the long 45-­minute move to Portland to attend Maine College of Art. It was there that I realized I got more pleasure from making cute, funny, and essentially meaningless doodles than any deep, angsty, high art. I decided to become an illustrator and continue spreading joy with my cute nonsense.

Image List
1. You Should Have Better Friends, 2015, Digital Print, 11”x17”
2. Don’t be Bitter, 2015, Digital Print, 11”x17”
3. Bear, 2015, Digital Print, Cardboard, 36”x55”
4. Fox, 2015, Digital Print, Cardboard, 30”x25”
5. Never Trust A Liar, 2015, Digital Print, Cardboard, 8’x?
6. Studio Portrait

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