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Artist Statement
I strive to make familiar, mundane domestic objects that are whimsical and special. I fabricate spoons, plates, bowls, and cups, all for everyday wear and tear, with playful spins. My work explores fun pastel decorations, done in terra­sigillata and carved childlike patterns that overlap to configure the overall design. My forms are curiously shaped objects with scalloped edges and pinched rims that break away from the traditional characteristic of purely functional ceramic work. My pieces will become that special cup for coffee in the morning or the spoon you use for scooping your favorite cereal. They are simple objects with colorful designs that hold meaning in their functional form, and feel great in the palm of your hand.

Rochelle Garcia’s functional and decorative ceramic work explores the role that domestic objects play in fulfilling our physical and psychological need. Inspired by her obsession of tiny houses, Rochelle creates forms based on limited space and everyday use. In the process, the playful curiosity of the maker is transferred into the clay and color. Rochelle is from Kissimmee, Florida, earned her BFA in Ceramics and minor in Public Engagement at Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine.

Image List
1. Pink Bunny Plate, 6x6x1, Red earthenware clay, colored terra­sig, 2015
2. Blue Flower Bowl, 5x4x3, Red earthenware clay, colored terra­sig, 2015
3. Sleep Cup, 3x2x6, Red earthenware clay, colored terra­sig, 2014
4. Blue and Yellow Flower Plate, 6x6x2, Red earthenware clay, colored terra­sig, 2015
5. Yellow Moon Bowl, 5x4x3, Red earthenware clay, colored terra­sig, 2015
6. Studio Portrait