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Artist Statement
My book Eobi: Myths and Short Stories is an experimental taste of world-building as it relates to the religious and the mundane in fantasy. With a satirical twist, the mythos touches upon universe creation theories, a respect for the sea, and the establishment of small horses as ominous omens. In a similarly comic but unheroic fashion, the three short stories depict the perspectives of three very different mortals as they attempt to navigate around a society physically congested with gods. The book is illustrated in key places to emphasize the storytelling: the myths with flat, decorative details; and the short stories with atmospheric splashes of color and compositional depth.

Sarah Oppelt is a New England illustrator and concept artist, who has been told by reputable sources that she specializes in rendering charming, fluffy men, mischievous animals, and wonky perspectives. When she is not drawing or painting, Sarah whittles away her time by writing fiction. She has a particular love for world-building and all the silly, unfortunate characters who come along with it.