• Taylor_Grant

Artist Statement
My thesis project is a 24­-page comic that is the first in a series called Loser Quest. It is about Jin and Henry, two friends who get transported to another dimension by a bitter genie trapped in an antique pipe they found in Jin’s attic. This comic is my first exploration into a multi­-issue story and I am using it to explore narrative techniques specific to the comic­-book medium. It is a humorous plot that moves through a surreal setting with undertones of more serious themes beneath. I am also using this comic to explore various tropes and archetypes within the genre. I am also taking my first serious leap into self­-publishing, and intend to make Loser Quest available online as a webcomic, alongside the print version.

I’m a native of southern Maine and a graduate of Maine College of Art, with a BFA in Illustration. My main interest is in storytelling through comics, character design, and concept art. I am also interested in animation and video-­game design. I prefer to work digitally, but I also enjoy the occasional foray into painting and sculpture. I like fantasy stories with a mundane aspect to them and creating characters that feel believable and real. My drawing style could be described as bold and energetic and my aim is to keep my images simple, yet entertaining.

Image List
1. Loser Quest Cover, 2015, Digital, 6.623”x10.250”
2. Loser Quest Page 1, 2015, Digital, 6.623”x10.250”
3. Loser Quest Page 9, 2015, Digital, 6.623”x10.250”
4. Loser Quest Page 10, 2015, Digital, 6.623”x10.250”
5. Loser Quest Page 11, 2015, Digital, 6.623”x10.250”
6. Studio Portrait

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