• Adam Carl Robertson, Knee Wall, 2013, mixed media
  • Adam Carl Robertson, Night, 2012, mixed media
  • Adam Carl Robertson, Parking Meter, 2012, oil on panel
  • Adam Carl Robertson, Strings, 2012, mixed media
  • Adam Carl Robertson, Tanzi, 2012, mixed media

Right now, in the present, we are building a record for the future. We are inventing and neglecting, consuming, producing and interacting. The future, although viewing our present as past, will be doing so through the lens of the future present. Our time will be a motif, a stereotype and a generalization. The biggest wounds and many of the most trivial events of the present will be what our time is in its entirety.

The future is unavoidable, uncontrollable and undesignable. Our way of life will soon be outdated, and then shortly after, inconceivable and barbaric. The develop­ment of society ideally is one that benefits our relationship with each other and our environment. It’s easier to justify separating one’s self from the natural world, especially with all of the amenities and distractions of the first world, but much more difficult to separate the present from past and future, although the interval of time that makes up the present moment is arguable.

My project, Future Ruins, is at once now and then. Future Ruins is the imperfect recollection of an imperfect now.

Portland, ME