• Ben Severns, 2013, Java program
  • Ben Severns, Never again, Text
  • Ben Severns, Phoned in, 2013, Video
  • Ben Severns, Phoned in, 2013, Video
  • Ben Severns, Video

The work is the mark of an occasion for grieving.
There are specific things in this world need to be changed.
The work is brought together emphasizing improvisation and speed:

What must be said must be said very fast, because the energy required to say what must be said, and the will to say it, can’t be sustained.

The sculptures are built from raw, construc­tion and found materials, video is grabbed from the internet and DVDs, codes are copied, the text is handwritten, and typically there is only a photograph left as evidence of the work and the event.

Portland, ME