• Brian Dimmock, Industrial Music Box, Kinetic Sculpture, 2012
  • Brian Dimmock, Industrial music box installation, Performance, 2012
  • Brian Dimmock, Electric Duchamp, kinetic sculpture, 2012
  • Brian Dimmock, Machine, kinetic sculpture, 2012
  • Brian Dimmock, Machine detail, kinetic sculpture, 2012

Failure, as it pertains to our cultural obses­sion with superiority may be defined as the collision of our American narrative with a reality that is unable to support it. This incongruity is the arena of artists, academics, and theorists who use it to reveal complex truths about the human condition. In this way art at its best seeks to emulate failure at its worst in its ability to reveal these inconsistencies.

Through performance and kinetic sculpture I seek to explore the relationship between failure and art relative to our American mythological narrative. Technology, for example, is a way that Americans have come to define this narrative and is one area where we can see concrete evidence of failure. My work utilizes our relationship to technology in order to highlight the inconsistency between our perception of superiority and the deterioration of the physical environment. By causing us to reassess our relationship to the physical world my work enables viewers to recon­struct an individual understanding of technology and establish new connections to this once sublime expression of our cultural unity.

New London, CT