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My work is a response to quotidian obser­vations: the multifaceted notion of success, be it the struggle to climb the corporate ladder and its trade offs, or the pursuit of happiness and personal satisfaction; social dynamics and its discrepancies within questions of city living, and how they build society as we know; the everyday, which comprises all the above mentioned; and questions regarding the world of art, which can also develop into questions of success and society. These topics are scrutinized with a critical eye and imbued with humor culminating in drawings, collages, and etchings that are compiled in booklets.

Since 2009, the name Pulga (flea) was adopted for these publications produced in fanzine format. It was chosen due to their small format, meant to easily fit in a bag, inside books or in the back pocket of a pair of pants. Consequently, Pulgas don’t depend on publishers or galleries for distribution. The flea is a great jumper, going from one host to another through a simple contact. Likewise, the publications produced have a similar informal means of distribution, having different stages of dissemination of ideas. After being distributed, the cycle is not necessarily completed: viewers might pass them on to other people interested in the topic or images being discussed and shown on an issue.

Pulgas expand from the fanzine, codex­ bound format; they become albums, instal­lations, videos, and any other medium that triggers my curiosity and will to explore.

São Paulo, Brazil