• Pilar Nadal, Tired Press, Bicycle Printshop, June, 2012
  • Pilar Nadal, Letterpress, Relief print, Small Talk, August 2012
  • Pilar Nadal, Relief Monoprint,February 2013
  • Pilar Nadal, Questions, Letterpress, November 2011
  • Pilar Nadal, Analog Text to Carlos, January 2012

With a myriad of devices and systems to choose from, we are able to communicate with each other across distances instantly and endlessly. With each technology, we are given a set of rules and techniques to get our messages across quickly and efficiently. No matter the coldness of the mechanics, we can and usually do adapt expressively to these methods, creating our own rules and codes for each relation­ ship, each device, each situation. Even 140 characters in a text message can emote volumes. Pressing the “send” button is physically easy, but nonetheless done with intention and care.

Investigating the habits, systems and intricacies of language and correspon­dence through printmaking and partici­pation, I find ways for myself and others to play, engage and correspond.

What did one flag say to the other flag? Nothing, it just waved!

Portland, ME