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Artist Statement
To date my work includes large-scale monoprints of historic building facades, intimate portraits of vanishing mountains and small-scale hand casts that record the space between my hand and its surroundings. As an avid explorer, my work desires a direct and sensory experience for creation, allowing for the indexical filling of architectural, human, natural, geographic and emotional voids.

Much like the surface of a collagraph plate, urban and rural landscapes are full of textures and marks. These marks become etched signatures, recording the identity of a place, and exhibiting evidence of contact, growth, resiliency and change. When navigating through a space—be it a city, forest or my studio—my eyes search for found marks, and my hands touch for textures. Mylar, stone and the planes of the land serve as both my materials and sites of choice, onto which I make marks of my own and deposit my thoughts. Drawing, printmaking and photography record and elongate what would otherwise be ephemeral interactions and experiences within places.

Non-Resident Studio Advisors: Greta Bank, Rita McKeough, Kim Morgan

Image List
1. Charley Young, In the Hollows of the Elk, Installation Monoprint, 2013, Photo by Andrea Martinez
2. Charley Young, Signature of the Summit, Graphite and Watercolour Pencil on Mylar, 24” x 36”, 2014
3. Charley Young, Excursion- Holding My Pulse in Your Hands, Photograph of casting, 7” x 5”, 2013, Photo by Andrea Martinez
4. Charley Young, Holding My Pulse in Your Hands, Cement and Epoxy, Pair: 5” x 10” x 2.5”, 2013
5. Charley Young, Holding My Pulse in Your Hands, Cement and Epoxy, Pair: 5” x 10” x 2.5”, 2013

Headshot: Stratton McCrady

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