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Artist Statement
Many hands have come together to complete this installation. Each ceramic node was individually formed by either me, or a friend who generously lent their time to my studio. Afternoons were shared as the work was made among a gathering of hands. Each node is unique and carries the presence of the hand that created it. Though individually they have character as a mass they form a fellowship that echoes the participation that created them.

The shape of these pieces are derived from moss and plant forms I encountered in a heath in Northern Maine. The heath itself was a living collection of simple forms repeated to create a vast mysterious landscape. The forms and colors in the work are derived inspired by from the mossy plants in the heath. Just as many individual plants grew together to form the heath many pieces come together here to form the work. This work serves as a simple abstraction of the sublime qualities at work in the natural world as well as a record or impression of the fellowship that created them.

Non-Resident Studio Advisors: Lauren Fensterstock, Julie Poitras Santos

1. Leeanna Morris, Accumulation, stoneware, variable, 2014
2. Leeanna Morris, Node Making/ Gathering, digital photograph, variable, 2014
3. Leeanna Morris, Accumulated Fellowship, stoneware, enamel, variable, 2014
4. Leeanna Morris, Colors of the Heath, digital drawing, 9” x 12”, 2014
5. Leeanna Morris, From the Heath, digital photographs, 36” x 24”, 2013

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