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Artist Statement
As an artist, I am interested in the relationship between visual perception and the existentialist notion of presence, and how they work together to form a part of the human experience. I create work that challenges the banality of observation in order to reconnect with the conscious act of re-viewing, or re-seeing the world.

The Synergy Projects are my most recent works that explore the ability to manipulate perceptual psychology and cognitive bias. Each project operates by utilizing commonplace objects and materials to create mural sized kinetic light projection. The work demonstrates the viability of using limited objects and materials to transform the space they inhabit, thereby creating a transportive experience for the viewer.

My art is an extension of my own moment-by-moment spiritual quest to be cognizant of my own internal biases that may influence the way I perceive my situation and surroundings. Creating art is a unique opportunity for me to refocus how I view the world in which I live, and, by using a little imagination, redefine how I experience it.


Current Residence: Colorado Springs, CO

Past Education:
Maple Woods Community College, Associate in Arts, 1992
University of Central Missouri, Bachelor of Science, 1993
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Bachelor of Arts, 2012

Non-Resident Studio Advisors: Pard Morrison, Matthew Barton

Image List
1. Synergy Project 8: Eclipse, 2015
2. Synergy Project 8: Eclipse, 2015
3. Synergy Project 8: Eclipse, 2015
4. Synergy Project 8: Eclipse, 2015
5. Synergy Project 8: Eclipse, 2015

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