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Artist Statement
I am a craftsperson, in that my work is skill based and lives in its materials. Working with the materials of the crafts is working with the materials of domestic existence. I am interested in how one constructs home. I am the child of two people with a domestic outlook on the world, and grew up within the idea of home building as world building.
I create multifaceted spaces that include prints, textiles, ceramic objects, and found objects. I regularly encounter spaces elsewhere that seem smaller than they are, because their details don’t matter to anyone. My world is both deliberate and unplanned.
I find the idea of perfection both insane and impossible. I have no attachment to straight lines, symmetry, right angles or equal stitch lengths. All my work is labor intensive. I work with care, but at the same time, I am not seeking machine perfection. Allowing the work to ignore machine – perfect feels like allowing it to be alive. Every piece I produce is an experiment, every piece is different and every piece is welcome.
I have no distinction between art and life. I don’t find some of my actions to be more suitable to art than others. Perhaps art is a more focused channeling of attention? I think art is not about what, but about how. I create my own world and then live in it.


Born: Boston, Massachusetts, 1977

Current Residence: Portland, Maine

Past Education:
University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK
MA – Design – 2008-2011
BA (Hon) – Contemporary Decorative Crafts – 2005-2008

Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts
BA – Physics major, Studio Art Minor – 1994-1998

Non-Resident Studio Advisors:
Adriane Herman, Julie Poitras Santos

Image List
1. Moon Space Installation, November 2014, Chine colle and etching monoprints, found object assemblages

2. Me in the Moon Space Installation, November 2014, Chine colle and etching monoprints, Ceramic cylinders

3. Home, Paper collage, 24” x 18”

4.Wall of Moon Space prints with hanging work, Chine colle and etching monoprints, Found object assemblages

5. Grid of Doll House items, From the Moon Space Installation, November 2014, Found objects, 24” x 54”

Image credits
1. MECA Photobooth 2. Julie Poitras Santos 3. Alena Shaughnessy 4. Alena Shaughnessy 5. MECA Photobooth