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Artist Statement
“It seems more pressing to invent possible relations with our neighbours in the present than to bet on happier tomorrows” -Nicolas Bourriaud

Our social world is complex and full of contradictions, which is all the more reason for me to research and experiment as an artist. It is my hope that we all will embrace the constantly changing circumstances of our realities and not close ourselves off from the opportunities that comes from our ever changing world. People are social creatures, which makes us naturally open. I believe that whether we are capable to or not, people want to connect to one another. Some have withdrawn into themselves to the point that they can’t imagine reaching out or connecting. That withdrawal could be a symptom of many different things. Situations, occurrences and shared experiences can create an opportunity for connection between people. That shared experience determines the connection, whether its playful, funny and/or a conversation.

The presence of craft, in some form, is a key element in my work. Materials that have the capacity to hold their “thing-ness” are important to me. An ability to create situations of collaboration and shared experiences is a skill I cultivate for bringing people into my practice. I hope that skill will transfer to the viewer through my work. By collaborating with someone to make something, whatever that may be, that interaction is an integral part of life in general. It is important to me for my work to mirror that interdependence we have on each other.


Born: Onondaga, New York, 1980

Current Residence: Cherryfield, Maine

Past Education: University of Maine at Machias, BFA, 2003

Non-Resident Studio Advisors: Elizabeth Jabar, Deborah Wing-Sproul

Project Website: http://tinyhousestudio.tumblr.com/

Image List
1.Conversation Chairs (Detail), Pine dowels, upcycled oak dining chairs, wool yarn and crocheted blankets, 5’ x 5,’ 2014

2. Conversation Chairs, Pine dowels, upcycled oak dining chairs, wool yarn and crocheted blankets, 5’ x 5,’ 2014

3. Tiny House Studio Tour, Letterpress Poster, 12.5” x 19,” 2015

4. Tiny House Studio, Eastport, Maine location, 2015

5. Tiny House Studio, Eastport, Maine location, 2015

Image credits
1. Ken Woisard 2. Ken Woisard 3. Audra Christie 4. Bartholomew Singer 5. Bartholomew Singer

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