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Artist Statement
It was in looking at my work that it occurred to me that it wasn’t necessarily the work that I was interested in, it was the act of looking. Over the years I have worked in a number of different media but their connecting threads eluded me. In looking intently for those connections it became apparent that the act of looking intently, and its subsequent effects on my perception, was the link.
Just as physicists look for the unifying theory to explain interactions between the very small and the very large, the self is an ideal experimental medium for bridging those two poles. The Self is the manifestation of the tension between the complex systems we create and interact with (mechanical function, anthropological context, intellectual/artistic bias,) and the minute mechanisms from which we are constituted (genetics, neurology, a single drawn mark.)
Just as Heisenberg proposed, there is an inherent problem in observing something so it can be understood, because in observing it, it changes. This is a crucial mechanism in, as Sol LeWitt says, “the machine that makes the art.”


Born: Petoskey, Mi, 1968

Current Residence: St. Joseph, MI

Past Education:
Lake Michigan College, Associates in the Arts,
Rhode Island School of Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Non-Resident Studio Advisor: Adam Brown

Image List
1. 48°, 45°, 22 mph (HydroDistraction1.0), graphite on polyfilm with video documentation, 20” by 103,” 2014
2. 8012 attempts (thus far) to draw a perfect 1/2” line freehand, graphite on vellum with notebook, 78” by 27,” 2013
3. ElectroDistraction 3.0 (Casey), graphite and marker on polyfilm with video documentation, 78” by 27,” 2014-15
4. Still photo documentation of performance of 48°, 45°, 22 mph Photo Credit: Todd Pierce
5. Documentation of performance of ElectroDistraction 3.0, still image capture from video

Image credits
1–3. Tim Schoeder 4. Todd Pierce 5. Brandon Pierce